The Young Talent Trophy Games

The search for young talented professionals

In search of serious talent for your organisation? Look no further because the hunt for talent is on with the Young Talent Trophy Games.

Over the course of the last five years Support Acts has organised multiple Trophy Games events, whereby young talent from multinational companies and the financial industry competed against each other for the Trophy. We find that young ambitious people learn a lot about their personal- and professional working potential when immersed in a highly competitive and fun environment.
Our feedback from over 250 competitors gives us a clear insight and understanding that young professionals have a lot to gain and learn from each other playing serious business games. Putting these young potentials in various stakeholder roles helps them to understand:

  • Where do their talents flourish best in an organisation
  • How do they interact in a team under “high pressure” conditions
  • What do these insights mean for their next step in their professional career

Trophy Games Scoreboard

What we do

The Young Talent Trophy Games is an international event whereby a selected group of young potentials, university graduates, starters and young executive professionals are invited to compete in an one-day business gaming event.

The process involves:

  • Online (inter)national registration of candidates who want to compete in the Young Talent Trophy Games.
  • Pre-selection of candidates via:
    • playing online DEX business games
    • online tailormade leaderboard: top 25 to 40 candidates will be selected
    • personal online AEM-Cube assessment is a part of the process: where do candidates personal attributes contribute best in a professional working environment

Top performers will be invited to compete for the Trophy at the Young Talent Trophy Games day, which will be hosted at one of our partner locations in the Netherlands.

The Young Talent Trophy Games day involves:

  • Compelling business games where the candidates fulfil and act out important stakeholder roles
  • Talent Market: speeddate with potential employers and get to know more about your future profession
  • Interact in a team and learn where you contribute best and where you excel in a team setting
  • Personal career council workshop

Young Talent Trophy Games programma

The Young Talent Trophy Games offers young professionals and companies the following.

For the Young Talented Professional:

  • Meet & greet future employers
  • Learn more about your (possible) future profession
  • Detailed insight into your professional DNA
  • Nr.1 overall winner gets a a prize fitting of his/her new title!
  • 2nd and 3rd place are also rewarded with prizes that will help you to further your professional career
  • Present yourself to potential employers

For the company in search of young talented people:

  • Get in touch with pre-selected young talented potentials
  • Personal matchmaking: assessing candidates on behavioural aspects to see if there is a fit with your organisational culture
  • Witnessing on sight interaction of young candidates during role play
  • Interesting way of connecting your company brand with fun, serious business games and talented people

Trophy Games deelnemers

Would you like to know more about the Young Talent Trophy Games? Or are you interested to host an in-house Trophy Game?

Please feel free to contact us directly: or go to our contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact the following Trophy Games organisers directly:

  • Pim Snoep, + 31 (0)6 – 83 15 92 29
  • Sebastian Hamers, +31 (0)6 – 53 61 19 76

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