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A game-based learning and business solutions event

hy Games winners of 2014

Serious Gaming for serious professionals

These are challenging times for many industries. Strategic issues have to be met at a still faster pace. Many managers have to act and co-create based on a future that they can’t control. Wouldn’t it be helpful from time to time to receive specific insights from the best consulting firms and your industry peers? The Trophy Games offers you just that! You and your team will work on your specific strategic and operational issues. Ready to use ‘the next day’!

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Specific teams for specific assignments

No one can be best at  all assignments. Many professionals have experienced the feeling of being ‘out of tune’ or, on the other hand, being ‘in flow’. During the Trophy Games event you’ll discover how your personal talents best contribute to company team results. And when one needs to “change a winning team”, even before it is clear that the inevitable performance decline occurs. These games could be the start of a relevant and lasting insight into your personal career opportunities and best use of your talents.

What makes the Trophy Games unique?

√ High potentials participation and executive level learning

√ Practical business case solutions to be implemented the “next day”

√ Find out which personal growth contribution you can bring to your organisation

√ Insights into team performance and dynamics within a serious gaming environment

√ Fun learning and industry networking environment for teams and individuals

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Trophy Games contestants at Nyenrode

Have fun in competing with the best-in-class in your industry. And win the Trophy!

The Trophy Games is a game-based learning and solutions experience. We believe that ‘serious play’ is a very effective way to learn and deal with so-called wicked strategic issues. It’s fun learning, triggers personal imagination and energizes teams to provide the best solutions for the business issues at hand.
The participants will experience our unique learning lane method combining personal development and competing for expressing the best business solutions. Insight into where you contribute best is a gift to last.

How it works

The Trophy Games is a high-end content driven knowledge event for top professionals and managers who seek novel insights to manage complex strategic or operational issues. Each Trophy Games event will be designed and executed based on your – and the industries – specific business issue. A maximum of 8 teams consisting of 5 people from different companies will play 4 serious games. These games are tailor-made and based on issues that relate to one leading main theme in the industry. Renowned consulting firms will facilitate the games. Scores will be kept for the best solutions presented at each of the games. After 4 rounds the winning team takes home the Trophy.

You and your team are invited to participate! Curious? Want to play?
Please call Pim Snoep on +31 6 – 83 15 92 29. Or complete our contact page.


The investment per team is 9250,– excluding tax (ex.btw) per team of 5 individuals sent by 1 company. This includes:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Food and drinks during the two days
  • 4 serious business games
  • Personal profile and in-depth analysis based on the AEM-Cube assessment of Human Insight
  • Team performance and analysis
  • There are also PE points to be awarded when following the Trophy Games for internal auditors

2018 Internal Audit Trophy Games

 Trophy Games Dates 2018

In 2018 there will be 2 editions of the Trophy Games.

  • Spring edition 10 & 11 April – Extreme Stakeholder management (Internal Audit as Business Partner)
  • Winter edition 2018 to be announced 

A selection of our Trophy Games Alumni


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