Trophy Games DNA and team

Our mission

The Trophy Games is about competing with peers in your industry, sharing insights and getting more understanding of team effectiveness and business results.

Trophy Games is a subsidiary of Support Acts | Knowledge Events, whose mission it is to help (groups of) managers and professionals to stretch their personal capabilities and make their strategies work. We select the right serious games to work on your business issues. It’s both fun and effective. Just like the real work.

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The team behind the Trophy Games

Pim Snoep has worked since 1989 as a manager, consultant and lecturer in the field of organizational development (OD) and governance, risk management and control (GRC) at many multinationals and large not-for-profits.

I believe that the human side of business is the most important but least understood.

We support managers and professionals to make a change in this respect and explore new ways in managing their strategy. All Knowledge Events of Support Acts deliver insights into the behavioural side of content driven business issues and provide participants with the tooling to be able to act ‘the next day’.

Sebastian Hamers has worked in different settings in sales and business development roles. Holds a Masters degree in Innovative Entrepreneurship and Business Development and worked for an incubator programme to help small and mediumsized enterprises in the Netherlands to grow their business. Was responsible for organising a masterclass programme for fast growing organisations. Sebastian is a Trophy Games teammember since 2014 and is proud of it! He also runs his own company Forward Focus that helps entrepreneurs and organisations to manage their growth.

Richard Robertson a Leiden University alumn and holds a Masters degree in Science, Social and Organisational Psychology and is a certified consultant in organisational ecology based upon the tools of Human Insight. He ran multiple programmes for Nyenrode Business University and is co-founder of Forward Focus together with Sebastian Hamers. Loves to play golf and is a real cinefiel. Do not get him started about Jurassic Park.

Trophy Games Team

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