The 2013 Trophy Games edition

Serious gaming and serious fun

The 2013 Trophy Games was hosted at hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk where a group of 40 contestants competed for the prize! Teams from Philips, DSM, Achmea, SNS Reaal, Shell, and Rabobank competed during two intensive days against each other. The competition was based on four different business games which where tailored to the contestants business cases and to see how individuals react under pressure.

Trophy Games 2013

The unique approach of the Trophy Games gives the participants different insights into who they are, where their talents lie and how their individual qualities perform best in a group setting, and under pressure. This is captured by working in different formats, and 4 different business games. The main theme of this years Trophy Games was: Internal Auditting. The contestants could bring in their own business case from their organisation, and all of the participants had the chance to share their knowledge on this subject. Together with the consultants of PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY the business cases where discussed and integrated in 4 different business games.

Always change a winning team

One of the best awarded elements of the Trophy Games was the masterclass given by Prof. Peter Robertson. His thought leadership and research based around how people contribute to growth had a great impact. This masterclass was combined with a personal assessment which gave all of the contestants the insight to where they contribute with their talents. This insight came in handy when assigning project teams. The assessment became a language for all of the participants which was translated to performance and team diversity. A winning ingrediënt for the team who won the overall competition.

Experience the Trophy Games for yourself by clicking on the video below.

International Trophy Games – Miami Edition

International team performance at Mondelez

On 8th of July 2013 all 35 members of the Internal Audit department of Mondelez International started their yearly business meeting by playing a collection of the Trophy Games to improve team dynamics and learn about the benefits of team diversity in audit teams.

Trophy Games inhouse

The Trophy Games create an exiting environment for professionals to compete against each other. Support Acts had the opportunity to create a business game tailored to the unique wishes of Mondelez International. Setting up a competition for multiple teams, each built up out of 5 contestants per team. With one main theme; a specific business case presented by Mondelez International, we created a day filling program. The contestants worked together on different problem settings whereby they needed to present, analyze and fulfil assessments in order to create a winning solution presented by a Mondelez team of professionals.

Mondelez International