Internal Audit Trophy Games 2015

Internal Audit Trophy Games 2015 Great Success

During the Spring edition of the Trophy Games five financial sector teams Rabobank, SNS Reaal, Achmea, Delta Lloyd and ABN-AMRO learned about Client Centricity and competed to win the Trophy. At the wonderfully located hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, the contestants attended lectures, played four exciting serious business games and were challenged to perform out of their comfort zone.

Internal Audit Trophy Games contestants

Team performance and serious gaming

Professor Robertson, author of “Always change a winning team, started the event by explaining what team performance is all about. In short, it all came down to one simple fact: in order to perform a team needs strategic diversity and a complementary set of skills or competences in order to succeed. This insight was made very personal as all contestants completed the AEM-Cube assessment, based on these principals, to predict individual and team performance. This lay the groundworks for rich learning and insights into when the team would excel and on the challenges they would face during the gameplay.

Wonderful event to find out how teams perform under pressure. I’ve learned a lot about myself in comparison to where my strength come in to play and how this aligns with the talents of others. Team ABNAMRO

Deloitte Business Game

Let the games begin

At the intake of the teams we asked which challenges their organisation faces on Client Centricity. These challenges were moulded into the gameplay of the four business games resulting in a coherent series of games about the overall Client Centricity theme. After each game we fed the learnings of the games back to the specific real life Client Centricity business cases.

At the first game – presented by Deloitte – the teams were faced with though executive decision making and managing a fast growing multinational. The second game – presented by EY – provided a more content driven reflection on the interaction with internal and external customers. At the end of the first day SNS Reaal was in the lead and ABN AMRO as a close second.
The following day the game presented by InContext faced the teams with the task to present, negotiate and deliver a range of products to the client – the director of a Corporate Zoo! The team that listened most closely, managed their client relation best, managed their time correctly and eventually delivered the correct goods, won the game.
The final game, powered by KPMG, put the contestants in a dynamic and uncertain market setting in which they had to run a company that produced slogans. An interesting high pressure cooker scenario where the teams had to find out which type of slogans the whimsical market wished for. Key to succes was to communicate intensively among each other in order to create what the end-customer was actually asking for.

Trophy Games contestants

And the winner is

A new element in this years edition was the elevator pitch in which teams had to present themselves to a jury. The jury consisted of their own Heads of Internal Auditing. The teams pitched their view on what they learned from the different games, the Peter Robertson masterclass and the AEM-cube team performance assessment. The way that they presented themselves was exemplary for the atmosphere of during the two days and their willingness to win: AMAZING! The effort of the Achmea team topped it all. Look at the video of their performance.

Winning team Trophy Games 2015 SNS Reaal

In the end the winning team won it by one point to spare! We like to congratulate the team of SNS Reaal once more for their outstanding performance, tenacity and compliment them on their competitiveness.

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Serious Gaming something for you and your organisation

Have we interested you in competing at the Trophy Games? There are a few requirements we use to qualify our contestants in order to compete. If you would like more information about the Trophy Games and what we can do for you, feel free to contact us directly.

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The 2013 Trophy Games edition

Serious gaming and serious fun

The 2013 Trophy Games was hosted at hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk where a group of 40 contestants competed for the prize! Teams from Philips, DSM, Achmea, SNS Reaal, Shell, and Rabobank competed during two intensive days against each other. The competition was based on four different business games which where tailored to the contestants business cases and to see how individuals react under pressure.

Trophy Games 2013

The unique approach of the Trophy Games gives the participants different insights into who they are, where their talents lie and how their individual qualities perform best in a group setting, and under pressure. This is captured by working in different formats, and 4 different business games. The main theme of this years Trophy Games was: Internal Auditting. The contestants could bring in their own business case from their organisation, and all of the participants had the chance to share their knowledge on this subject. Together with the consultants of PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY the business cases where discussed and integrated in 4 different business games.

Always change a winning team

One of the best awarded elements of the Trophy Games was the masterclass given by Prof. Peter Robertson. His thought leadership and research based around how people contribute to growth had a great impact. This masterclass was combined with a personal assessment which gave all of the contestants the insight to where they contribute with their talents. This insight came in handy when assigning project teams. The assessment became a language for all of the participants which was translated to performance and team diversity. A winning ingrediënt for the team who won the overall competition.

Experience the Trophy Games for yourself by clicking on the video below.