International Trophy Games – Miami Edition

International team performance at Mondelez

On 8th of July 2013 all 35 members of the Internal Audit department of Mondelez International started their yearly business meeting by playing a collection of the Trophy Games to improve team dynamics and learn about the benefits of team diversity in audit teams.

Trophy Games inhouse

The Trophy Games create an exiting environment for professionals to compete against each other. Support Acts had the opportunity to create a business game tailored to the unique wishes of Mondelez International. Setting up a competition for multiple teams, each built up out of 5 contestants per team. With one main theme; a specific business case presented by Mondelez International, we created a day filling program. The contestants worked together on different problem settings whereby they needed to present, analyze and fulfil assessments in order to create a winning solution presented by a Mondelez team of professionals.

Mondelez International